About Toontown: Neighbourhoods and Toontasks


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About Toontown: Neighbourhoods and Toontasks

Post by Anneliese271 on Thu May 21, 2015 9:52 pm


There are a total of six basic neighborhoods as well as two recreational neighborhoods in Toontown.

The six basic neighborhoods are visited in order and are where all tasks will be completed. The majority of the game is spent within these neighborhoods. As you move from neighborhood to neighborhood, the difficulty of the tasks and the cogs that appear increases.

The two recreational neighborhoods are used almost exclusively for the activities hosted there -- golf and racing.

Basic Neighborhoods

  • Toontown Central
  • Donald's Dock
  • Daisy Gardens
  • Minnie's Melodyland
  • The Brrrgh
  • Donald's Dreamland


A ToonTask is a task which a Toon can complete to progress through the game. A ToonTask can be offered by visiting any shopkeeper or HQ Officer and selecting a ToonTask. Once a Toon has selected a ToonTask they must complete it before selecting another ToonTask, with the exception of Just for Fun! ToonTasks which can be removed. ToonTasks may involve defeating Cogs, delivering items or gags to shopkeepers, fishing, riding the Trolley, calling Clarabelle, or making a new friends. Once a Toon completes a ToonTask, they must visit the specified NPC shown on the ToonTask.

You can view your ToonTasks by holding down the End key on Windows or by pressing FN + RIGHT on Mac. You can also view them through your Shticker Book.

Available ToonTasks

A Toon can select between the following ToonTasks:

  • Just for Fun! ToonTasks
  • Progression ToonTasks
  • Special ToonTasks

Just for Fun! ToonTasks

Just for Fun! ToonTasks are optional ToonTasks which do not progress the Toon through the storyline. The rewards for these tasks may include jellybeans, clothing tickets or Toon appearance changes, such as becoming tiny. The toontask rewards improve as the toon progresses through the game, however the task required to earn the reward usually becomes much harder depending on the playground the Toon is working at. These ToonTasks can also be deleted through the Shticker Book, however once deleted, the reward is not redeemed and all progress made on that task is removed permanently.

Progression ToonTasks

Progression ToonTasks are required to be completed to progress through the game. A shopkeeper or HQ Officer can offer certain ToonTasks depending on the point the Toon is working at. It is required to complete the Toon-torial and work your way through up to six gag tracks. The Toon will progress through the playgrounds in the following order:

  • Toontown Central
  • Donald's Dock
  • Daisy Gardens
  • Minnie's Melodyland
  • The Brrrgh
  • Donald's Dreamland
  • Cashbot Headquarters (Suit parts)
  • Lawbot Headquarters (Suit parts)
  • Bossbot Headquarters (Suit parts)

Recovery ToonTasks

Recovery ToonTasks are tasks which require a Toon to recover a specific item by either defeating Cogs or going fishing. The table below shows the terms and percentages.

Special ToonTasks

Special ToonTasks are exclusive to Toontown Rewritten and are obtained at a great rarity. The only special ToonTask was the beta key ToonTask which could only be obtained under certain circumstances. The player rewarded the beta key had the ability to redeem the code through the website or share the code with other players. The redeemer could then access Toontown Rewritten directly by avoiding the PlayLine queues or booking a PlayTime. Since Toontown Rewritten is now in Open Beta, these tasks are no longer available.


  • Before Bossbot Headquarters were released, there were multiple v2.0 Cog invasions, which were useful for the ToonTasks to collect your Bossbot suit parts.
  • Often, some progression ToonTasks (such as "Defeat 2 Short Changes") are direct and are fully completed once the visible task is completed. Others, such as "Visit Professor Wiggle", lead to multiple tasks.

Information taken from: http://toontownrewritten.wikia.com/wiki/Neighborhoods and http://toontownrewritten.wikia.com/wiki/ToonTask

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