About Toontown: Gags


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About Toontown: Gags

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Gags are jokes used by Toons to attack the Cogs, who wish to take over Toontown by turning Toon buildings into Cog buildings. Every Toon starts off with two gag tracks: Throw and Squirt. More gags can be earned by earning skill points. Skill points are given every time a gag is successfully used on a Cog if that Cog's level is not below the level of the gag. New gag tracks can be earned by completing ToonTasks for gag track animation frames. Once a Toon has access to a certain gag, they can buy more of them at Goofy's Gag Shop in any playground for one jellybean each. There are ToonTasks to increase a Toons pouch allowing them to carry more and more Gags.

You can view your Gags by holding down the Home key on Windows. You can also view them through your Shticker Book.

Gag Tracks

Gag tracks are seven different types of gags with different attributes. Before getting a new gag track, the Toon has to complete ToonTasks for 16 animation frames of the gag track the Toon picked for training. Gag tracks include:  


Toon-Up gags are used for the purpose of healing other Toons in battle. Some affect only one Toon, while others can be used on all Toons in the battle, aside from the Toon who is using the Toon-Up. Toon-Up gags cannot be used unless there is more than one toon participating in the Cog battle, and cannot be used on oneself. Toon-up has a medium accuracy, and while Laff points will always be given to the Toon(s) receiving the Toon-up regardless of whether the gag hits or misses, you will only get experience if that Toon's laugh contains words that begin with a capital letter or that are shown in all caps (e.g. A "Tee Hee" will give you experience, but a "tee hee" will not).(The only difference with those are the capital letters.)


Trap gags are only effective when used along with Lure gags. Once used, they are put down in front of the Cog, but require the Cog to be lured with a Lure gag in order to activate the trap and deal damage. They cannot be put down in front of a Cog that already is lured. Trap gags also never miss, giving them perfect accuracy. If a Trap gag is placed on a Cog that already has a Trap in front of it, the new gag will cancel out both itself and the old one. If the Railroad gag is used when there are any other Cogs with Traps in front of them, both the Railroad and any other Traps will be cancelled out. In general, if two Toons use a Trap gag on the same cog at the same time, then they will cancel each other out.


Lure gags are used to lure Cogs forward, sometimes into Trap gags set by the Toons. Lured Cogs are stunned and cannot attack. Lured Cogs also are unable to dodge and cannot attack for a set amount of turns, which changes per Lure gag upgrade. Additionally, Throw and Squirt gags gain a damage bonus of 50% on lured Cogs. However, any Drop gags used on lured Cogs will always miss. Using Lure gags is the only way to activate Trap gags. If a Sound gag is used on a lured Cog, it will gain no damage bonus and the Cog(s) will no longer be tranced. There is also a small chance that the Sound gag will miss.


Sound gags involve being able to attack all Cogs at once, but at the same time sacrificing attack power; the Sound track deals the least damage out of all the damage-dealing gag tracks (when a single Toon uses Sound). However, if there are four Toons using Sound in a battle, the Sound gags do the most damage collectively. Using a Sound gag will wake up all lured Cogs in battle. Sound gags also have a very high accuracy.


Throw gags are one of the two primary gag tracks, which means this track is given at the start, partnering with the Squirt gag track. Throw is given by Tutorial Tom upon entering the Toon-torial. Tutorial Tom will give all Toons the first two gags of the Throw and Squirt track: the Cupcake and the Squirting Flower.

Throw gags consists of cakes, pies and a cupcake which are thrown by Toons at the Cogs. These gags deal great damage, but have a medium accuracy.


Squirt gags are one of the two primary gag tracks, which means this track is given at the start, partnering with the Throw gag track. Squirt is given by Tutorial Tom upon entering the Toon-torial. Tutorial Tom will give all Toons the first two gags of the Throw and Squirt track: the Cupcake and the Squirting Flower.

Squirt gags consists of items that squirt water. These gags have a high accuracy, making them unlikely to miss against a Cog.


Drop gags are one of the most powerful gag tracks, and it is the last gag track used in a battle. Unlike other gag tracks, Drop gags (except for the Grand Piano) do not receive any increases to their damage as you gain experience. Therefore, they have no minimum damage. Drop gags also have a low accuracy, making them more likely to miss a Cog. When another Toon uses a gag (e.g. Throw or Squirt) in the same turn as you, the cog becomes "stunned", making your Drop gag more accurate for that turn.

Order of Gag Tracks

Throughout the playgrounds, you get to choose what Gag Tracks you want to work for. Here are the Tracks you can choose from:

  1. Toontown Cental – Toon-Up or Sound
  2. Donald's Dock – Lure or Drop
  3. Minnie's Melodyland – Trap or whatever is left from #1
  4. The Brrrgh – whatever is left from #2 or whatever is left from #3

This leaves one Track remaining that cannot be chosen.


  • The Cupcake and the Squirting Flower were the only gags Toons could buy and sell in Goofy's Gag Shop during Toontown Rewritten Alpha. This is because there were no Cogs or ToonTasks added to the game, so the Toons couldn't train their gag tracks or earn new ones.
  • The $1, $5, and $10 Lure gags are collectively known as the Cog Catchers.
  • Most Drop Gags have no minimum damage, with the exception of the Grand Piano.
  • All gags except level 7 gags can be purchased for 1 jellybean if unlocked.
  • Level 7 gags cannot be bought. Once unlocked (10,000 experience), it takes 500 experience to earn another. You can only hold one of each level 7 gag at a time.
  • When two or more of the same gag type is used on the same Cog (excluding Lure, Trap, and Toon-Up), the Cog will receive a 20% damage bonus.
      - If a Throw gag is applied prior to a Wedding Cake in the same turn, all Cogs will receive a 20% damage bonus, no matter which Cog the initial throw was applied to.

Information taken from: http://toontownrewritten.wikia.com/wiki/Gags

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