Here are some nice free games


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Here are some nice free games

Post by Mohammed Elnahwy on Wed Jun 10, 2015 3:22 pm

1. company of heroes.
This game is based on the early times like world war 2 and you can play it on steam. There are millions of users so you do have to wait long to enter a game. But that will only be for staged war. A staged war is like you just play for fun. Then you have the real war where you have to take over places. Then you keep concurring places until you take over their capital. And there there team soviet, american, German. This is online.

2. Quake live.
This is also on steam and you just fight in a team or alone. the weapons are a bit like si-fi. I played it for a while it is really cool to play with friends.

Anyway you always can look at it on steam for more info.  
Bye and have a nice day.   Cool  tongue   farao

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